The Next Best Thing Pet Care
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Oakton, VA 22124
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Heidi Copeland / Owner

Heidi previously worked in Corporate America, starting in accounting and leading to sales management for many years. But, she always felt it wasn’t enough. Her guilt about leaving her dogs alone and unconditional love of animals led her to start her own business in the pet care industry. Heidi has many years of experience caring for animals and volunteering with local rescue groups. She has mentored with local dog trainers and is continually studying animal behavior, training and nutrition.

Heidi’s love of animals began during her childhood. She grew up with cats and dogs being a part of her family. She’s also a horse lover and has extensive experience caring for them as well.

Her involvement in rescue started after she adopted a dog from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. She has always been aware of the homeless pet population and was so grateful to have found her own rescue dog. She gradually involved herself deeper with the group and became a foster parent for two other dogs in need of a lot of attention and work, she became very attached and ended up adopting them as well.

Heidi currently resides in Fairfax with her four dogs, Patch a pointer mix, Dexter a foxhound, Peanut a beagle/dachshund mix and Sasser a beagle.

Heidi with her dogs at the beach

Amy Bason / Pet-Sitter

Mandi Gordon / Pet-Sitter

Mandi with her dog Malachai