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You may be wondering why hiring a pet sitter can be better for your pet than boarding at a kennel. Many others have wondered the same thing so we have compiled a list of positive reasons to consider trying it.

1) Kennel environments are highly stressful for our pets. The combination of smells, nervous energy from the other guests, unfamiliar people handling them, and their confusion about what has just happened to them can cause negative physical reactions. Your pet may suffer from lack of appetite, depression, and diarhea. Staying in their own home won’t keep your pets from missing you but it will save them from experiencing the negative effects of stress.

2) Staying at home allows your pets to eat their food from their bowl. They will take comfort in the familiarity of their environment and their routine does not have to be altered.

3) In a kennel the staff may work in shifts and your pets may not see the same person twice. Hiring a pet sitter allows your pets to become familiar and comfortable with their caregiver.

4) Allowing your pets to stay at home keeps them from being exposed to communicable illnesses.

5) Hiring a pet sitter gives you the advantage of having someone bring in your newspaper, bring in your mail and any packages that may be left at your door, open and close your blinds, and alternate your lights so that your home has a “lived in” look even though you aren’t there.

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